Bane is an underground city located on the plane of Abaddon. It was founded by mortals who survived a demonic sacrifice ritual performed by members of the Cult of the Infinite Bridge. Bane is small in size; it barely qualifies as a city at all, and is mostly comprised of mixed races; half-elves, half-dwarves, and the occasional tiefling.


Bane is governed by an elder council consisting of five individuals elected by the townsfolk. Terms are typically for life, as Bane is small enough that life is quiet, and change is not often needed. Similarly, Bane has no real police or constabulary force; caution dictates the everyday lives of its residents, the city being located where it is, and so only Kaiil, a tiefling sorceress, does any kind of patrolling. Even that is more to make sure that there aren’t encroaching demons than it is to enforce any kind of law.

Disputes do happen of course; these are typically resolved by the feuding parties presenting their cases before the elder council and agreeing to abide by that council’s decision.


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